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Espresso Opera: Links

Clarina Bezzola
Clarina is a professional artist who uses textiles and fabics and voice to create the most amazing shows. Her art has been seen in Europe and America. Visit her website to see some of her amazing work.
Charles Handelman
This is Charles' new podcast site. Check it out-great music!!!!
Charlie's podcast site
Charles Handelman has a great podcast site: this is an easier access to it he says.
Google Video
Charlie Handelman captures Tau Pupua, tenor, who sang his first Duke in Rigoletto with Espresso Opera also Cassio in Otello. Listen to this wonderful voice.
Opera General Desc : A forum about opera general, allowing you to view multiple opera general posts. Post your opera general comments.
Pradichaya Poonyarit
Learn about a new and exciting venture by some gifted artists!
La Coffee Melodie
Gallery for La Coffee Melodie
See Pamela's gallery site on La Coffee Melodie